y adventure with computer graphics started about 1994, when i was little bored of playing games on my c64,
and i thought,  that i  can try to enter the commodore scene as a graphician ( nickname worm ) in a group named Estate.
    It was a fantastic journey, through a world full of people with passion and talent.
Real pleasure to watch what they can do with this only 1Mhz machine.
          Some of my artworks, was published in Commodore and Amiga paper magazine ( 3 times 1994/1995) and in scene demos.
After a couple of years i left the scene , i haven't so much free time for it :(
But still today, i have that c64 with 1541-II disk drive and a lot of diskettes with really cool stuff  :o)

In around of 2000/2002 i found internet galleries like niwidu or digart, and i started to do some artworks on pc .

I was rewarded:
- gallery digart - 5 times Digart of the day
- gallery digart - cd-rom in „Chip” magazine with my artwork representing Digart
- gallery Museum of the computer art - picture of the day
- gallery deviantart - daily deviation
- gallery innertraveler - artist of the month ( february 2008 )

My exhibition was in Music Club „Ego” in Katowice in 2005, i hope in near future will be next so be patient...